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World Cup 2014 Ambush (2)


A new edition in our World Cup ambush month, and a very nice one: Volkswagen. In the United States Volkswagen launched a campaign on ESPN. ESPN broadcasts the live matches of the  World Cup tournament. When a team scores, a [...]

World Cup 2014 Ambush (2)2014-06-26T05:29:02+01:00

World Cup avatars


The World Cup has just been on for a week or so, but we ha ve already seen the first surprises: Spain out, England out. What's not a surprise, is FIFA's hard line against IP infringements. FIFA has asked Twitter [...]

World Cup avatars2014-06-20T07:12:45+01:00

World Cup 2014 Ambush (1)


Just eleven more days to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Nations unite in support of their national team. A time to shine. A time to show the world what team is the best. And a time to ambush. As [...]

World Cup 2014 Ambush (1)2014-06-02T06:29:19+01:00
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