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‘A’ change


Facebook changed its logo, which was originally designed in 2005. Well, changed... It's a very subtle alternation. Can you spot the differences? There's an 'a' change! With this subtle change, Facebook aims to modernize its logo and make it appear [...]

‘A’ change2015-07-03T07:35:03+01:00

Brands by hand


Some trademarks are so famous, you can instantly visualize them in your mind. But can you also draw them without looking at the original? Calligrapher Sebastian Lester can. And how! He amazingly draws the most famous brands in an instant. It [...]

Brands by hand2015-06-22T06:52:53+01:00

Mind the Gap (2)


An Indian recycling company that uses junk to create accessories, is fighting a legal trademark suit launched by US clothing giant Gap Inc demanding that the firm change its name. Green the Gap, an Indian company which runs three stores [...]

Mind the Gap (2)2013-07-29T07:35:55+01:00

Mind the Gap


Charles Philip is a designer, a designer that loves stripes. Luckily, a lot of celebrities loves his stripes too. But now, clothing chain The Gap are in love with "his" stripes as well. The red sole is to Louboutin, what [...]

Mind the Gap2013-01-02T16:03:52+01:00
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