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H&M against H&C


It is a standard rule in trademark law that the consumer focuses on words in a trademark. Words, with the exception of very descriptive words, are often the dominant part of trademarks. If there is a logo, does it make [...]

H&M against H&C2018-06-06T13:02:16+01:00

H&M sued by graffiti artist


Fashion chain H&M has taken a graffiti artist to court over a copyright dispute. The Swedish retail giant, has filed a complaint for declaratory judgment after being threatened with legal action over its use of graffiti art in a marketing [...]

H&M sued by graffiti artist2018-03-12T23:46:02+01:00

Save the environment? Change your trademark


You can save the environment by changing your trademark. How? Ink! Yes, ink. Reducing paper waste by printing less is already quite common. You may already have a sentence underneath your email signature, asking not to print the email (ironically, [...]

Save the environment? Change your trademark2017-12-12T23:44:18+01:00

adidas wins 20-year stripe battle


Finally. After twenty years, the trademark battle between H&M and adidas is over. The court in The Hague has decided that the Swedish fashion chain has infringed on adidas’ three-stripe brand. The German sports giant sued H&M over the fact [...]

adidas wins 20-year stripe battle2017-11-17T07:45:16+01:00

A Classixx infringement case


A Los Angeles pop duo, is suing fashion retail chain H&M over the use of their band name on t-shirts. Classixx, an LA dance-pop duo, make upbeat, metropolitan music that seems to flourish in shopping malls. But not only in [...]

A Classixx infringement case2017-10-30T23:00:29+01:00



Swedish fashion chain Hennes & Mauritz has lost a law suit over the word "Chief". Printing it on a jumper proved to be a no-go. H&M have been ordered by the court to pay financial compensation to Jeans Centre, for infringing upon [...]


Selfmade selfie


As a large and popular fashion brand you have to monitor all fashion trends. When the designer department has noticed a trend or gets inspired, it is their heavy task to translate these trends as soon as possible in wearable [...]

Selfmade selfie2015-12-15T10:07:02+01:00

Swedish trademarks


Markmatters.com / Knijff Trademark Attorneys is attending the annual ECTA Conference in Stockholm this week (Say hi when you run in to us!). Sweden is a beautiful country and Stockholm an amazing city. The country is not only keen on [...]

Swedish trademarks2011-06-09T07:40:36+01:00
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