Branded in memory


What happens if you would ask 150 people to draw famous trademarks, completely from memory? The result is amazing. The Starbucks-logo, the IKEA-logo, the Apple-logo. Each of the logo’s are incredibly well-known. You would recognise them anywhere. But could you [...]

Branded in memory2017-10-09T15:47:42+02:00

The copy-tote bag? (2)


IKEA struck back after fashion label Balenciaga “copied” its signature tote bag. Online the similarities between Balenciaga’s designer bad and IKEA’s Frakta bag were heavily discussed, as we discussed earlier. IKEA put this discussion to great marketing use with its [...]

The copy-tote bag? (2)2017-05-08T07:45:45+02:00

The copy-tote bag?


Copyright infringement is a hot subject nowadays. On internet everything is visible and sometimes music, art or designs are resembling. Which gives an opportunity of a good news item. In the media often the words plagiarism/copycats are used. For example, [...]

The copy-tote bag?2017-04-26T07:34:48+02:00

How IKEA comes up with its product names


Have you ever wondered who comes up with all the funny names of the IKEA furniture and accessories? And if they are even real Swedish names? Sale, for instance, is called “Plundra”, which seems like a made-up name for plundering [...]

How IKEA comes up with its product names2017-03-08T14:38:08+01:00

Pæper læmp


A Dutch design duo has accused IKEA of counterfeiting its design lamp. Dutch designer Margje Teeuwen has designed, together with Erwin Zwiers, a lamp that looks like a big wad of paper. The design duo was stunned when IKEA came along [...]

Pæper læmp2017-02-13T11:50:09+01:00

Bed decisions


IKEA is being sued before Germany's highest court by German brand e15. e15 claims an IKEA bed is copied from one of its own designs. It concerns IKEA's Malm bed, which bears a striking similarity to e15's SL02 Mo. Frankfurt-based e15 is arguing that [...]

Bed decisions2016-12-05T15:05:04+01:00

Nø IKEA in Indønesia


IKEA has lost its trademark to a small Indonesian manufacturer of rattan furniture. The Indonesian company PT Ratania Khatulistiwa registered its Ikea trademark in December 2013, where Ikea is an acronym for Intan Khatulistiwa Esa Abadi, Indonesian words referring to [...]

Nø IKEA in Indønesia2016-02-10T06:45:42+01:00

Fake Friday


Fake is sometimes difficult to spot. We IP attorneys have made a job out of spotting fake and counterfeit goods. But sometimes it is easy, even for us. Either because it is sooooo obvious: or because it just says so: [...]

Fake Friday2014-08-22T12:00:47+02:00

Trademark hacking


Fans. Bands, brands and celebrities cannot live without them. They are the most faithful followers. However, they are sometimes a bit too enthusiastic.  Especially when they are using the trademark or logo in their fan communications, this put trademark owners [...]

Trademark hacking2018-10-23T11:44:43+02:00

Swedish trademarks

2011-06-09T07:40:36+02:00 / Knijff Trademark Attorneys is attending the annual ECTA Conference in Stockholm this week (Say hi when you run in to us!). Sweden is a beautiful country and Stockholm an amazing city. The country is not only keen on [...]

Swedish trademarks2011-06-09T07:40:36+02:00
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