Double Jack


Jack Daniel’s, the famous whiskey, does not like Jack David. Jack Daniel’s files an opposition against the European application based on taking unfair advantage / being detrimental to the reputation of the brand. The risk of confusion is invoked as [...]

Double Jack2019-07-20T21:07:06+02:00

Spare ribs: All you can sue


Can't a trademark attorney just sit back, relax and eat a fine portion of BBQ ribs? Apparently not. True story: the kids of an unnamed trademark attorney's want to go to a buffet restaurant. Mainly, because they can eat as [...]

Spare ribs: All you can sue2017-06-19T15:38:24+02:00

The truth about alcohol


What if alcohol labels told the truth, instead of mentioning the brand? Click image to view a larger version. Happy weekend #tgif

The truth about alcohol2015-10-02T07:24:35+02:00
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