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Still no break for Nestlé


Once again Nestlé was foiled in an attempt to trademark KitKat's four-fingered bar's shape. The confectioner has lost the latest round of its long-running battle with rivals Cadbury to trademark the shape of the KitKat bar in the UK. The court [...]

Still no break for Nestlé2017-05-17T09:31:44+01:00

Finger food


Nestle has lost an appeal in a trademark case over the shape of the Kit Kat bar. The whole case, before a court in Singapore, revolved around the question: "Are the two-finger and four-finger shapes of Kit Kat chocolate bars entitled to [...]

Finger food2016-11-25T13:44:59+01:00

No break for Nestlé


Confectionery giant Nestlé's attempt to trademark the shape of its four-finger KitKat bar in the UK, will likely be put to rest by the European Court. The court has not yet ruled, but the opinion of the advocate-general - normally [...]

No break for Nestlé2015-06-15T07:01:59+01:00

Logo lingo


Famous logos cross all language barriers. Whatever language you speak, when you see a familiar product like Mars or Coca Cola in a foreign country, you will recognise it immediately. Multinationals invest a lot of money to "reinvent" their logos [...]

Logo lingo2014-09-24T07:00:47+01:00

The shape of a ‘kat’


Cadbury and Nestlé are at it again. This time over the shape of Nestlé's Kit Kat chocolate bar. Earlier the companies fought over Cadbury’s claim to trademark the colour purple. Now Cadbury it sticking back with a vengeance by opposing Nestlé's similar [...]

The shape of a ‘kat’2014-03-05T07:45:12+01:00
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