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Although the country is increasing the possibilities for successfully protecting intellectual property, China has been notorious for its trademark infringements. Now, it is the popular US brand "Ritz crackers" that is at the center of a trademark conflict. This month [...]

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Pinnacle Foods is suing Kraft Heinz over alleged trademark infringement of the marketing slogan for its Hungry-Man frozen meals. According to Pinnacle Foods, a New Jersey-based processed food company, Kraft Heinz "directly, deliberately and blatantly infringed" registered trademarks for Hungry-Man [...]


M&M and M?


Mars may be banned from selling M&M’s in Sweden, and will likely face heavy fines if it sells M&M’s in Sweden beyond this month, unless it appeals a recent court ruling in a trademark dispute with Mondelēz International (former Kraft Foods). [...]

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Golden ORO


Nutrition giant Kraft recently had a candy fight with Haribo. The subject was the trademark ORO, registered by Kraft. This trademark formed the basis for a cancellation action against the trademark HARIBO ORO. This issue provides two interesting questions:  is [...]

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