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Crocodile case


Fashion brand Lacoste has taken Dutch retailer Hema to court, because the store sells children's clothes with a crocodile on it. And the crocodile belongs to Lacoste, Lacoste claims. The French iconic trademark is eager to attack crocodile logo's used by [...]

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Lacoste replaces iconic crocodile logo


Fashion brand Lacoste is raising awareness about endangered species in a very special way: it replaces its iconic crocodile logo with other endangered animals. For the first time in its history, Lacoste is switching its iconic crocodile logo in favour [...]

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The Crocodile Rocks


Lacoste, the famous 'crocodile brands' was named after 1920s French tennis star René Lacoste, nicknamed 'The Crocodile'. This year the iconic brand celebrates its 80th anniversary. To celebrate the tenth decade of Lacoste, the fashion brand asked graphic designer Peter Saville to [...]

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What if Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Damien Hirst were hired by the some multinationals to redesign their logo's? Or what if these artist had made their interpretation of world famous logo's? Probably, something like this below! These redesigns [...]

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