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Brick by brick


Toy brick maker Lego has won another case against imitators in China, where copies of its colorful plastic toy bricks and figures have been a recurring problem. Last year, in a landmark case, Lego succeeded for the first time in [...]

Brick by brick2018-11-19T16:35:09+01:00

The LEGO twins


LEGO has protected its trademark and products in various ways: through design registrations and various trademark registrations. For example, the word LEGO is protected and also the logo. But the LEGO man is also protected as a three-dimensional brand (shape [...]

The LEGO twins2018-04-25T09:41:50+01:00

Building on Lego


Christmas is coming! Dark streets turn into charming promenades with beautiful lights. And children are wondering whether Santa Claus is coming. Wish lists have probably been made already. Great chance that Lego is on it, as Lego is hugely popular. [...]

Building on Lego2015-12-08T08:46:56+01:00

Yellow brick road to victory


The world famous Lego® figure remains a protected trademark in the European Union. The European Court of Justice confirmed this, after competitor Best Lock tried to cancel the trademark registration. Lego has registered the classic as a trademark since 2000 [...]

Yellow brick road to victory2015-06-24T07:18:19+01:00

Another brick in the wall?


One cannot envy the trademark department of Lego. On one hand every trademark claim on the brick has been firmly rejected. On the other hand, the brick is a rather popular element to use in the design of all different [...]

Another brick in the wall?2019-02-26T11:50:49+01:00
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