Sole mates


Louboutin's red sole has enabled Louboutin to amass trademark rights around the world. The luxury brand has recently been victorious in its attempts to protect the red sole as a trademark. This has caught the eye of a fellow footwear [...]

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No trademark for Louboutin?


Louboutin This week the highest European Union court, dealt a blow to Christian Louboutin in the ongoing case about trademarking the famous red sole. This has spun off the lawsuit filed in 2012 against Van Haren, a Dutch [...]

No trademark for Louboutin?2018-02-09T16:48:17+01:00

Suing shoes


The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice has published his opinion on the Christian Louboutin's - Van Haren case. You know, the one about the 'red sole trademark.' After Louboutin sued Van Haren for its "Halle Berry"-collection pumps [...]

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Red, red and red


Yes, this post is about the colour red. This colour is the main subject of a recent decision of the Court of First Instance (T631/14). On one hand, red is the colour of the sole in the famous position mark [...]

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The color red


We keep talking about Louboutin and his famous shoes with red soles, just see our earlier posts here. The red sole has been registered as a trademark, but is this trademark a valid one? No, it's not, according to the [...]

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Sole brothers


We talked earlier about Louboutin.  This shoe designer is known for its unconventional trademark, a bright red sole. Despite some struggles this trademark has been registered in the European Union. Moreover, on the basis of this trademark Louboutin could block [...]

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Soled out (3)


Bad news for Christian Louboutin, after a Belgian court has invalidated their registered trademark for red-soled shoes in the Benelux, Louboutin has been a big source for our blog over the last years (see earlier posts here), and yet again the [...]

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Louboutin turns red


Further to our post yesterday about the war in the US between Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent,  Louboutin has seen some success in the European Union. His trademark (left) has been accepted by the European Trademarks Office after an appeal [...]

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Red faces with Louboutin


Big news today for fashionistas, in the near future shoes with the red soles will not tell everybody that these shoes are true Louboutin shoes. These shoes could just be bought at the local Walmart. In a lawsuit against Yves [...]

Red faces with Louboutin2011-08-11T08:07:30+02:00
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