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Summer Holiday infringements


Before everything goes back to normal and the summer holidays are really over: the last in our series of Summer Holiday trademark infringements. Because trademark attorneys are never really on holiday. From our colleague in Vietnam:

Summer Holiday infringements2018-09-13T10:20:04+01:00

Save the environment? Change your trademark


You can save the environment by changing your trademark. How? Ink! Yes, ink. Reducing paper waste by printing less is already quite common. You may already have a sentence underneath your email signature, asking not to print the email (ironically, [...]

Save the environment? Change your trademark2017-12-12T23:44:18+01:00

EPI-c Victory


Louis Vuitton was victorious in a recent Taiwanese trademark infringement case, and received quite a remarkable ruling. The French luxury fashion house sued Yi Ze Tian International Co., Ltd., parent company to fashion brand, iki2, stating it was selling bags that bore [...]

EPI-c Victory2016-05-20T06:45:36+01:00

Classy crib


It's almost weekend. Time to get those household chores done, like painting your house. Are you wondering how you can give your house that little bit of extra class? Well, here is a special Friday tip from your friends at Markmatters. Buy some [...]

Classy crib2016-04-22T06:45:52+01:00

Chewy Vuitton


Fashion brand Louis Vuitton is suing a Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant for trademark infringement. Yes, a Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant. Question: What does "tongdak" mean in Korean? Anyone? Answer: it means "whole chicken". That's why a Korean restaurant owner thought it [...]

Chewy Vuitton2016-04-20T11:51:30+01:00

A major setbag


Louis Vuitton has suffered a bit of a setback in the lawsuit it filed against canvas bag maker My Other Bag ("MOB"). A US Court held that MOB’s canvas bags, which replicate a number of particular Louis Vuitton bag styles and [...]

A major setbag2016-01-27T06:45:01+01:00

Check mate?


Louis Vuitton's chequered pattern is under threat. The European General Court says the public sees the square design as 'commonplace', so it cannot be monopolised by Louis Vuitton. Vuitton's signature chequered squares are not distinctive enough to serve as a trademark, [...]

Check mate?2015-04-29T07:22:30+01:00

Real or fake?


A Louis Vuitton handbag for few dollars is obviously a fake copy.  You can often recognize this fake items from a distance. But the pirates are now producing better knockoff copies than ever. Sometimes, the imitation is so well made that [...]

Real or fake?2014-11-18T08:15:26+01:00

Fake Friday


Fake is sometimes difficult to spot. We IP attorneys have made a job out of spotting fake and counterfeit goods. But sometimes it is easy, even for us. Either because it is sooooo obvious: or because it just says so: [...]

Fake Friday2014-08-22T12:00:47+01:00
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