Copy As You Are


The band Nirvana has sued for copyright infringement over Marc Jacobs' Grunge Redux Collection, alleging that the fashion brand is infringing on the band’s copyright for its smiley face logo. According to the lawsuit, the late Kurt Cobain created the [...]

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Fashion brand Marc Jacobs has been sued for copyright infringement over the company’s Resort 2017 collection, that featured several pins and patches that were allegedly “flagrant, unlawful copies” of work by other artists. The law suit points to five pins [...]


Jacob’s 66


Marc Jacobs Files Suit Against 66 Websites for 'Infringement and Counterfeiting Scheme' Marc Jacobs is being sued by adidas, but fights back... against others. The fashion house has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against 66 different websites, including, and [...]

Jacob’s 662015-05-08T06:45:02+02:00

Three stripes out


adidas and top designer Marc Jacobs are not the best of friends. Even worse, they have a fight going on, and this fight is now brought into court. The reason: the recent winter collection of Marc by Marc Jacobs presented [...]

Three stripes out2015-04-16T06:36:19+02:00
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