Cocoa loco


Candy maker Mars Inc. is suing a Wisconsin woman over chocolates she is selling under a name that the company says is "confusingly similar" to its cocoa extract supplements called CocoaVia. Virginia-based company The McLean claims that the chocolates sold [...]

Cocoa loco2019-12-27T09:12:01+01:00

M&M and M?


Mars may be banned from selling M&M’s in Sweden, and will likely face heavy fines if it sells M&M’s in Sweden beyond this month, unless it appeals a recent court ruling in a trademark dispute with Mondelēz International (former Kraft Foods). [...]

M&M and M?2016-06-10T07:45:59+02:00

The Hunger Bars


Snickers has come up with a way to strengthen their brand, by selling chocolate bars stating miserable character traits. The emotions depicted on the wrapper portray the way you feel when you haven't had enough to eat, and feel Sleepy, Loopy, Cranky, Irritable, et [...]

The Hunger Bars2015-11-13T08:38:29+01:00

Logo lingo


Famous logos cross all language barriers. Whatever language you speak, when you see a familiar product like Mars or Coca Cola in a foreign country, you will recognise it immediately. Multinationals invest a lot of money to "reinvent" their logos [...]

Logo lingo2014-09-24T07:00:47+02:00
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