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Brand Re-versioning


Always fun... mashing up famous logo's. Still recognisable, but sometimes you end up a brand-schizophrenic. "Brand Re-versioning" is what graphic artist Graham Smith calls it. Do you recognise them all?

Brand Re-versioning2015-03-23T19:37:00+01:00

Bottle battle (2)


Created in 1915 by Earl R. Dean, the Coca-Cola bottle is a packaging icon. Moreover, it is the classic example of how a shape can become trademark. But  Pepsi, allegedly, has been bottling their cola in a similar shaped bottle. [...]

Bottle battle (2)2014-11-28T06:30:26+01:00

Honest logos


Brands should be more honest about what they are. Not promise things they can't deliver. Why does every brand claim its the best? Or unique? Or different from the rest? The world would be a far better... well, more sincere [...]

Honest logos2014-05-28T07:17:32+01:00

Polar Bear by Pepsi


Further to our earlier post of Pepsi hijacking Coca Cola's Santa, we came across the next victim: the polar bear. It seems he made the switch to Pepsi as well. And, a lesser known fact, polar bears seem to enjoy [...]

Polar Bear by Pepsi2011-07-04T10:30:23+01:00

Brand reversion


Sometimes a brand is so strong that you will even recognize it when the brand is mixed with another brand, or even with the brand of the competitor. Brand reversion is an ongoing project of logo-designer Graham Smith, who also [...]

Brand reversion2011-06-15T14:59:43+01:00
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