The kinky cat


As a well-known brand you want to defend your reputation. This means that you sometimes do not want to be associated with certain products or services. Take the recent example of Puma. Puma came into action against a trademark application [...]

The kinky cat2018-02-28T10:36:07+01:00

Jumping cats


Fashion designer Philipp Plein designed a leaping ‘wild cat’ and is now facing the legal wrath of Puma. Plein, known for his rock-n-roll style fashion, posted his frustrations on Instagram, after the German sports giant threatened to sue him for [...]

Jumping cats2018-01-08T16:49:37+01:00

A caged cat


Imagine you are a worldwide-known brand and someone chooses a similar word in exactly the same font. For different products, but hey, your trademark is famous and has a larger scope of protection. A clear victory? No. The trademark PUCAM [...]

A caged cat2017-11-15T13:31:24+01:00

A Puma is not a Jaguar. Or is it?


Car company Jaguar has objected to sports company Puma’s logo. Jaguar considers it too similar. Beginning this month Jaguar has filed a suit against a new trademark application filed by Puma in the United States. So why are these two [...]

A Puma is not a Jaguar. Or is it?2017-05-19T17:12:13+02:00

Slipper suit


Sports brand Puma has filed a law suit over pop artist Rihanna’s shoes. After reports that retailer Forever 21 is offering lookalike versions of footwear from Rihanna’s Fenty line for Puma, the German sportswear brand is striking back with a [...]

Slipper suit2017-04-05T09:57:50+02:00



What if Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Damien Hirst were hired by the some multinationals to redesign their logo's? Or what if these artist had made their interpretation of world famous logo's? Probably, something like this below! These redesigns [...]


Brand Re-versioning


Always fun... mashing up famous logo's. Still recognisable, but sometimes you end up a brand-schizophrenic. "Brand Re-versioning" is what graphic artist Graham Smith calls it. Do you recognise them all?

Brand Re-versioning2015-03-23T19:37:00+01:00

Puma twins


A visit to another country triggers your senses. In case of trademark attorneys addicted to trademarks, the trademark senses. Visiting a mall or market gives a beautiful insight into the trademarks of that country. MarkMatters was in Panama (which we [...]

Puma twins2014-05-13T07:06:37+02:00
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