The Ralph-trademarks


As a trademark holder you want to protect the reputation and image of your brand. This is especially true in the fashion industry where your name and logo are crucial. It is therefore not strange that Ralph Lauren was not [...]

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Polo Game


Some logos are iconic. Without any word you know immediately which brand they represent. For example, the logo of Ralph Lauren, the polo player. Obviously, this company has protected the logo by all means. But this does not prevent competitors, [...]

Polo Game2015-12-01T08:46:34+01:00

Charging Bag


Men carry their phones in their pockets. Women carry them in their bag. Wouldn’t it be handy if the women’s hand bag had a smartphone charging feature? That’s what Ralph Lauren though. But now that they have created such a [...]

Charging Bag2015-08-26T08:37:16+02:00



Fashion label Ralph Lauren has been using 'RLX' for a luxury clothing line, but was sued by Rolex, who thinks 'RLX' might be associated with its brand. The Appeal Board of the US Patent and Trademark Office sided with Ralph [...]


Not all stars are All Stars (2)


In October we wrote that Converse filed lawsuits, accusing more that 30 companies for ripping off the design of the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker. One of the first victims: Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren and Converse have not [...]

Not all stars are All Stars (2)2015-01-23T08:48:44+01:00

Solved unsolved


30 years. The conflict between Ralph Lauren and U.S. Polo Association over the use of the logos of both companies is already going on for 30 long years! And yet, the end is not in sight, despite a settlement in [...]

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