No European wings for Flügel


Maybe not quite a sophisticated drink during a trademark conference, but still, you might know Flügel, a small shot with a big party (quoting the slogan of the product). Red Bull has problems with the European trademark Flügel. But why? [...]

No European wings for Flügel2016-09-20T10:02:09+02:00

Sucker match


Even at moments when you least expect it, you can be struck by "trademark confusion". For instance, when watching a football (soccer!) game. Football club Red Bull Salzburg made a weird 'mistake' in the opening match of its 2016-2017 UEFA [...]

Sucker match2016-07-15T16:15:34+02:00

The best thing…?


Earlier this week we've seen what the worst thing is that can happen to a trademark. But what's the best thing that can happen to a trademark? You would say that the trademark becomes itself. When the trademark is affected [...]

The best thing…?2016-02-24T08:29:27+01:00

Red Bully


Red Bull has brought an infringement claim against a small brewery, but is now facing the backfire of negative publicity. The energy drink giant has opposed a trademark application by the Old Ox Brewery, a local Northern Virginia brewery before the [...]

Red Bully2015-03-20T06:45:17+01:00

Superhero trademarks


The Red Bull brand is into extreme sports. This inspired New York-based Art Director Diego Fonseca to get creative. The "Red Bull Superheroes Project" depicts a playful union between the Austrian energy drink and the Justice League universe. It was inspired by the [...]

Superhero trademarks2014-03-03T08:45:40+01:00
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