Sweet Reese’s (2)


The Hershey Company has resolved a legal battle with an importer of foreign candy, after accusing them of copying their most famous products. Last week LBB Imports LLC signed an agreement with The Hershey Company to discontinue importing the products [...]

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Hershey’s hasheesh


What is it with US (medicinal) marihuana manufacturers and famous brand? We posted earlier about Nugtella, a Nutella look-a-like marihuana hazelnut spread. This time it’s candy bars. TinctureBelle , a US manufacturer of marihuana, was noticed for the remarkable resemblance [...]

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Sweet Reese’s


The Hershey Company is suing a candy importer for infringing its trademarks of one of Hershey's best-known products. And they seem quite rightfully so. The allegedly infringing candy bar is packaged and labeled in such a way that it mimics Hershey's [...]

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