Money stream


Spotify has been sued for copyright infringement for the second time in two weeks. Artist Melissa Ferrick claims Spotify failed to notify her and obtain a license when it copied her compositions and made them available on its streaming music service. [...]

Money stream2016-01-13T08:58:20+01:00

Spot on


Spotify is probably the hottest music streaming service out there. It is therefore very lucrative to make Spotify software add-ons. But be careful with the name you choose. Spotimote learned it the hard way. Spotimote for Spotify. Does that sound [...]

Spot on2015-02-25T06:45:01+01:00

Spotify spotted


Either way somebody has been sleeping or there seems to be a blatant trademark infringement: in the Windows Phone Marketplace an app called Spotify can be purchased. This app, with the icon left (where did we see this icon and [...]

Spotify spotted2020-03-09T15:47:41+01:00
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