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Godzilla is aiming his breath of fire at a new trademark application for BRANDZILLA, a trademark for a jewellery company. Toho Co., Ltd., the company behind Godzilla  (in Japan known as Gojira: “go-gee-rah”), has been merchandising the iconic movie monster for [...]


Wanna bat?


If Valencia plays FC Barcelona, who do you think is going to win? But what about when Valencia plays Batman? The football club and DC Comics, owner of the Batman intellectual property, might meet in court. Spanish football club Valencia [...]

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Super IP


X-Men: the popular superheroes that live between the humans, Once just a comic, but now valuable IP in multimillion deals. Chris Claremont, publisher at Marvel Comics, wrote comics and came up with dozens of new superhero characters. Characters that are [...]

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After 10 years another Godzilla movie is coming out. Made possible by… trademarks and copyright! Godzilla spews radioactive fire and razes cities, but his most valuable power: a good lawyer. Otherwise, how would you survive 60 years in the movie [...]




Comic book giants Marvel and DC are being accused of threatening small firms over using the word 'superhero', because they registered it as a trademark. Marvel and DC have joined (super?)forces against British entrepreneur Graham Jules, who has written "Business [...]

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