Think different slogan cancelled


The trademark registration of the iconic slogan 'Think different' by Apple has been cancelled by the EUIPO. The European trademark office came to this decision after a cancellation action filed by Swatch AG. The ground for decision was the non-use [...]

Think different slogan cancelled2018-09-12T09:17:24+02:00

Think similar


Earlier Swatch and Apple were sworn enemies after the public announcement of the Apple iWatch. Swatch had already registered the trademark iSwatch and eventually Apple chose another name. Nevertheless Apple applied for the iWatch trademark in some countries, probably just [...]

Think similar2017-03-07T13:17:27+01:00

Watch the iSwatch against iWatch case


Will Apple and Swatch ever be friends again? The fight between the two began when Apple announced the iWatch. Swatch had already registered the trademark iSwatch and feared confusion between the marks. Ultimately, Apple chose a different name, namely Apple [...]

Watch the iSwatch against iWatch case2016-08-30T09:39:05+02:00

Swatch watches iWatch


Apple is working on an iWatch, rumours have it. But can they name their new 'wearable' iWatch? That remains to be seen. Reportedly, watch company Swatch - that also owns the brands Omega, Breguet, Tissot and Longines -  is planning to [...]

Swatch watches iWatch2014-05-05T07:45:04+02:00
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