Zika or Zica?


The dangerous Zika virus is spreading. And it has now even reached the trademark world. Car manufacturer Tata is considering renaming one of its car models in the midst of the Zika virus global health emergency. Indian carmaker Tata Motors has [...]

Zika or Zica?2016-02-03T06:45:06+01:00

Planes, trademarks and automobiles


IndiGo, an Indian airline, is battling India’s largest car manufacturer, Tata Motors, over the trademark IndiGo. The automaker has been selling sedans under the Indigo brand since 2002, while Interglobe (IndiGo’s parent company) lifted off in 2006. Meanwhile, IndiGo - a [...]

Planes, trademarks and automobiles2015-08-28T08:20:42+02:00
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