Trademark monopoly on love?


Tinder, widely known for its dating app, is suing a rival called “3nder”, that is focusing on a niche market in the dating world: people who are looking for threesomes. Match Group, the owner of Tinder, is suing for trademark [...]

Trademark monopoly on love?2016-05-30T07:00:57+02:00

Tinder match


Tinder is all about… well… let’s call it 'matches'. But Tinder doesn’t match with everyone. This year WildFireWeb, Inc. filed a lawsuit in a US Federal court against Tinder, Inc. over trademark infringement of its registered Tinder® trademark. WildFireWeb, Inc. [...]

Tinder match2015-10-26T12:54:36+01:00

To Tinder


If you own a popular brand, especially a social media brand, it will - in no time - transform into a verb. Think of Twitter, Facebook,... and Tinder. Tinder is the dating app that became huge in a very short [...]

To Tinder2019-02-25T17:22:57+01:00
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