Not so happy


Pharrell Williams is not so ‘Happy’, and threatens to sue President Trump for using his song. Singer and artist Pharrell Williams has sent a cease-and-desist letter to President Donald Trump after the president played Williams' 2014 smash hit "Happy" at [...]

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The Trump-trademarks


After one year of Trump's presidency, America is divided in Trump-haters and Trump-lovers. We can, however, say that Trump caused a flood of new applications. Interestingly, the division in the political landscape in America is also reflected in the trademark [...]

The Trump-trademarks2017-11-08T09:53:28+01:00

Trumpet trademark beats Trump


Donald Trump has lost a trademark law suit to a trumpet player over the name iTrump. Tom Scharfeld, a 40-year-old-engineer and amateur musician, created an iPhone app designed to teach people how to play the trumpet: iTrump. This month, Scharfeld [...]

Trumpet trademark beats Trump2017-08-21T21:26:55+02:00



"Covfefe": It's likely to be the word of the day. Or Word of the Year? Donald Trump posted a tweet tonight that ended with the unknown, non-existent and enigmatic word and it keeps the emotions on social media quite busy. "Despite [...]




Chinese car manufacturer GAC Motor is considering changing the name of the company's main automotive company, Trumpchi. And you would not believe the reason behind it. The name 'Trumpchi' resembles the Chinese word Chuanqi, which translates to something like 'legendary'. But now [...]


Plesident Tlump


China has granted president Trump a trademark he's been seeking for a decade. If you have ever had trademark issues in China, you will know that getting your trademark registered can be a difficult and time consuming quest. But there [...]

Plesident Tlump2017-02-27T16:02:40+01:00

Alternative trademarks


Many newsworthy events are often followed by trademark applications. And the Trump administration has already caused a flood of news. Besides the many controversial decisions taken by the new president, one of the phrases that hit the news hard was [...]

Alternative trademarks2017-01-30T07:45:29+01:00
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