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Double dribble


An episode of Family Guy may be into some copyright issues. The cartoon show used a clip of the classic Nintendo console game "Double Dribble" from YouTube, rather than using an original clip. After that, the original video on YouTube was taken down by [...]

Double dribble2016-06-03T14:39:03+01:00



The hit show Glee could be forced to change its name after Fox has lost its trademark appeal. The American tv network has lost a trademark dispute over the name Glee, against a British comedy club of the same name. The Glee [...]


Sounds good


Protecting music and tunes as a trademark is increasingly popular, especially large companies like McDonald's to BMW that have a distinctive tune are registering these kind of non traditional trademarks. As the OHIM is accepting mp3's as reproduction of the [...]

Sounds good2014-07-17T06:27:38+01:00

Imaginary trademarks


A nice thesis: is an imaginary brand also a valid trademark? Example, the Nimbus 2000, Harry Potters' magic broomstick, the broomstick everybody wants to have! And in the movie Wall-E all local shops have been swallowed up in the almighty [...]

Imaginary trademarks2011-07-07T07:59:31+01:00
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