Candle in the court


Retail chain Zara Home has been ordered to pay €7.500,- for copying a coat of arms that was created for a Dutch family. Belgian designer Patrick Damiaens sued the Spanish company after spotting his design in a decorative candle in a branch [...]

Candle in the court2017-07-07T16:02:25+02:00

Let’s be Frank


Zara has struck again. It is once again under over copyright infringement. The Spanish clothing chain has put a sweater on the shelves, that looks very much like a design by Belgian designer Cathy Franken. Many of the big fashion [...]

Let’s be Frank2017-03-22T09:52:21+01:00

Que sera Zara


Clothing chain Zara is being accused of stealing designs. LA illustrator, Tuesday Bassen, claims the fashion retailer has used several of her designs without permission. When Bassen discovered that Zara's design showed a remarkable resemblance with her own, older, designs, she sent [...]

Que sera Zara2016-07-25T10:18:01+02:00

City full of trademark attorneys

2015-09-18T07:13:17+02:00 is always on the lookout for trademark infringements. Even when visiting beautiful and warm Vienna for the Annual Marques 2015 conference. Wandering the city we came across a Sara store. Not a Zara store, but a Sara store. Dangerous [...]

City full of trademark attorneys2015-09-18T07:13:17+02:00

Zapa or Zara

2015-05-11T06:45:33+02:00 is in France right now: wandering the streets looking for trademark infringements. And what caught our eye: Zapa! We stumbled upon a clothing store named Zapa. Not Zara, but Zapa. We noticed it earlier in 2013, but it remains [...]

Zapa or Zara2015-05-11T06:45:33+02:00
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