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Belgian dance companies are trying their very best to become “IP-case-law-makers” of 2011.

After claiming ex-Destiny’s Child lead singer Beyonce had copied a choreography (see here and here), another Belgian dance company is now aiming their copyright-arrows at Chanel.

The French fashion house allegedly copied a modern dance performance by Rosas.

Chanel run an internet viral, called The Shade Parade, promoting their nail polish: fingers dancing in a cabaret. Much to the amazement of the Belgian dance company Charleroi/Danses. Because in March 2011 they launched “Kiss & Cry”, a spectacle of Michèle Anne De Mey and Jaco Van Dormael, that showed dancing hands, choreographed in similar movements.

Chanel states to take this matter very seriously: although the say that there have been several “hand dances” by others in the past, they are looking into it: “Even though many other video creations are using hand choreography, we closely examine this issue together with the various parties and our lawyers,” Chanel’s press officer adds.

The question remains, how original is the ‘hand dance’?

Check out the video’s side by side.


And how about this then? Does this also constitute a copyright infringement?


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