The art of distinction

indexDistinguishing yourself is important to sell your product or service. First of all, you want that the customer buys your trademark and not that of the competitor. But in the case of an original brand, the name attracts attention and leaves a first impression. We are, for example, fans of the trademark Wagamama, an original name of a restaurant for Asian food. A name without meaning in Europe and very distinctive and appealing.
We read this week an article about the job markets and the creative names of functions in vacancies in order to attract the attention of people. A HR manager is a people champion, a chief chatter is a call center manager and a sales executive is a sales ninja. So, to distinguish yourself is nowadays a need in every communication.

The question arises how a trademark attorney would be named in a vacancy, a trademark tiger? Or your brand buddy? We prefer to stick to the old name.

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