The clonephone

_f99e7e24-d56c-11e5-bf98-84b7c9dfc99dBig news yesterday: In India you can buy a smartphone for only 3 euros and 30 cents. Quite cheap, isn’t?
We already know that, also in view of the sky high  profits of for example Apple that the price of an iPhone is not in relation to the costs of making the actual device. But what people often forget is that many efforts and investments go into the research and development of the actual phone.
Crucial as on that point, the The Freedom 251 (the name of the cheap phone), falls short as it looks just like an iPhone. Also, the icons on the phone are identical,  according to the Hindustan Times, who compared the two devices.
Although the idea is great: cheap phones for everybody, you cannot free ride on the intellectual property of others.

Photos and News: Hindustan Times

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