The dark side 2016

logoNorthside is a famous festival in Brooklyn. A Dutch festival organizer received permission to introduce the festival to the Netherlands. The only problem was that there was a Danish festival with the same name.
Although it seemed at first that they did not mind, ultimately the Danish festival was not happy with the festival in the Netherlands bearing the identical name. The result: the Danish festival objected against the use of the name and as they had registered their name as a trademark, the claim was firm. So, the Dutch organizer had to change its name, which led to the postponement of the entire festival.
In order to prevent these situations, we know that a trademark search is crucial. And while larger companies are aware of the need of this search, many SME’s don’t. With the above problems as a result. A search reveals conflicting trademarks giving the trademark holder the opportunity to contact a holder of an older trademark for (a written) consent or a license. And if this is not granted, you know that you have to choose a different name which prevents you doing so after you have introduced the trademark in the market.

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