The Eating Dead

The Eating DeadWould you eat at a restaurant called “The Walking Dead”? Many zombie-fans perhaps, but not the creator Robert Kirkman. He’s trying to stop the restaurant from using the trademarked name.

Phillip, Steven and Anna Theodorou have no relation to The Walking Dead, neither with the highly acclaimed television series nor the famous comic book series, but this did not stop them from trying to capitalize on the success of the series.

The group started to register several trademarks to protect THE WALKING DEAD, amongst others for ‘cigars, t-shirts and even restaurant services and cosmetics’. But it did not go unnoticed. Robert Kirkman has struck back with a lawsuit to stop the hijacking of the trademarks.

In his law suit, Kirkman claims that the Theodorou’s are merely “interlopers” who developed a business plan to take the mark and open a restaurant with the name. He wants the defendants labelled as infringers and their unlawful activities stopped.

The Walking Dead comic series has grossed more than $12 million and licensing revenue has added up to over $5.8 million. And this does not even include revenue that the television show has generated.

Although Kirkman does not have any plans to open up a restaurant with a zombie waitstaff, he believes it to be very likely that fans visiting of The Walking Dead restaurant would be confused in thinking that the eatery is affiliated with or licensed by Kirkman, when, in fact, it is not.

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