The Louis Vuitton fake test

Do you want to know if the Louis Vuitton bag you bought on your summer holiday is fake?

You probably already know the answer. However, if you don’t, follow this check list and find out.



Your bag is fake if:

  • the LV monogram is crooked;
  • the straps come in a light leather but after wear the handles will oxides and fade to a darker brown;
  • you buy it from a street dealer that they purchased them from New York or have a friend that works for Louis Vuitton;
  • the bag you bought isn’t even in the Louis Vuitton catalog or on their website;
  • the bag is made in China. Louis Vuitton products are made in France;
  • the LV monograms on both sides of the bag are faced up right. Louis Vuitton uses the wrap around method so that one side would be up right and the other side are upside down.

And the biggest give away: if you bought the bag under $300, it’s a fake. It isn’t called a luxury brand for nothing.

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