The Olympic final

In the media and also on there has been much attention for the legal side of the Olympics. These have been many examples of ambush marketing, of infringement actions and the sometimes particular rules itself. Time for to have a look itself at the Olympics and conclude with a final post on the Olympics.

Does London suffers from the dictatorship of the Olympic trademark police? Well, what you do not see, you won’t miss but it didn’t seem like that. saw several commercials on the subway and on billboards that referred to the Olympics. Examples are sentences like “You think that athletes are competetive?” and “The most amazing event will happen in London this summer” and hereunder “Plus there’s that thing Stratford too” (the Olympics were held in the area Stratford). Even a self made Olympic flag with a local nursery has not been seized (photo), of course this should not be a very good advertisement for the trademark police.

One can say that such a tightly directed event can take place in every city. But everybody that visited the Olympics knows that is not true as the British made the Olympics a real treat with their hospitality, enthusiasm and dry sense of humor. The trademark police can defend the trademarks what they want but when the people that convey your mark do a bad job, this means serious troubles for the value of your trademark. With this in mind, the British has strengthen the Olympic mark, go Team GB!

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