The revenge of Superman

Superman came into action against two barber shops in Florida! What do Superman and barber shops have in common? Well, unfortunately no exciting stories of barber shops used as masks by drug syndicates.

No, the reality is that Time Warner, the owner of the rights of Superman, started a lawsuit because of trademark infringement. The barber shops are called “Supermen Fades to Fros” and “Superman Pro Barbershop”, moreover, Superman-related logos are used. The public is likely to falsely assume that an affiliation exists between the barbershops and the comic book company according to Time Warner. Sufficient reason to start this court action and also to ask for 3 times the annual profit of the barbershops. wonders whether the public will be really confused. However, the aim of this use it to free ride with the popularity of Superman, and this is of course not allowed. So Superman will probably not have to use his superpower to win against these barber shops.

Source: Bloomberg

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