The Suing Dead

the-suing-deadA producer behind the hit series ‘The Walking Dead’ is suing a company that is building production facilities using a similar name: Valhalla.
The producer in question, Valhalla Entertainment, has been developing and producing successful movies and television shows for nearly 20 years. When it noticed that an unaffiliated company is building production facilities under the name Valhalla Studios, all hell broke loose.
To complicate matters further, the allegedly infringing facilities are in Atlanta, the exact city where the hit zombie series is being recorded. With its 7th season premiering this weekend, The Walking Dead is the most-watched show on cable television.
Valhalla Entertainment says the studio has already caused confusion, mentioning several Atlanta Business Chronicle stories. Valhalla is suing for trademark infringement, unfair competition, deceptive trade practices and trademark dilution.
Valhalla Studios’ chairman was surprised to learn a lawsuit had been filed: “We’ve been in very cordial conversation with Valhalla Entertainment’s legal counsel for about a month”, chairman Millsap says. “We didn’t know about Valhalla Entertainment. We’ve been trying to work things out, and we are in the process of changing our name. In the meantime, we’re referring to ourselves as ‘The Studio Formerly Known as Valhalla.'”
It is doubtful this will be the end of it. Will this case end in a IP-apocalypse?

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