Time after time

Last week iOS6, Apple’s new mobile operating system, was  released. It turned out that the clock in the Clock app on the iPad is nearly identical to the station clock of the Swiss Railways.

The Swiss railway clock – designed by Hans Hilfiker – is widely recognised as an iconic design. The design is even included in the collection of the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The copyright on the clock, as well as a trademark of the design of the clock is owned by the Swiss Federal Railways. A spokesperson has stated that they are flattered and consider the use by Apple as an acknowledgment of the design. Nevertheless, the company believes that the design has been copied without permission. Through a court  procedure, they want to enforce a financial compensation.

Markmatters.com believes that, although timepieces come in many shapes and variations, the likeness of the Apple clock and the Swiss timepiece is undeniable. The Swiss Railways can give  Apple quite a hard time about this.

On the left the Apple clock. The clock to the right is the one by the Swiss Railways.

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