Time to React

Becoming a parent makes you, as both writers of MarkMatters.com experienced in recent years, a new customer. A customer of products you did not know they existed!

One of these big money-spenders are toys. An appealing product for counterfeiters. Recently a birthday present for my sun shows that counterfeit is all around us.

The car left was the present and this reminded us at… a car of FisherPrice (under)! Even the slightest details have been copied. The producer is Le Hui Toys, a Chinese company (how could it be otherwise). A quick look on their website shows us that also other toys have been “inspired” by others as we see some fake Meccano.

Of course this is very annoying for FisherPrice. As we all now, these counterfeit products cost many companies millions of lost profits. The laws have been sharpened and broadened in the European Union just to cope this growing problem. FisherPrice can, for example, base actions on unwritten design law, perfect in case of counterfeit. If you have some problems in Europe with counterfeit we are happy to assist you. Knijff trademark attorneys are working together with React, a company specialized in counterfeit actions in whole Europe up to the destruction and recycling (!) of products. Just to turn the good out of the bad.



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