Tomb Raider

A very remarkable copyright case in Canada: interior designer Laura Abanil claims that a cemetery has copied her design of a tomb. She has designed this tomb specially for her deceased mother and includes cascading lilies that represent family members.

To her consternation she saw at a recent visit to the cemetery several similar tombs. A clear infringement of her copyright according to Abanil. Painful, as the tomb was specially made for her mother.

The cemetery does not agree and said that Abanil does not possess any copyright as the the patterns on the tomb are very common and thus not original. In the event such right exists they are belonging to the sculptor as he made the tomb. Abanil does not possess the craftsmanship to make a tomb as this (villainous!).

Both parties agree that a settlement is the best option. However, parties seem to bridge a long distance as the cemetry offered a thousand dollar and  Abanil has asked for $ 50,000.00.

Source and © photograph: The Star

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