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fft-logoA clash between a David against Goliath. That’s how you can call the matter between Timothy Young and Huffington Post / Chipotle Mexican.

Young has a blog called Food for a thought. On this blog he writes about food. Huffington Post and Chipotle Mexican have entered into a cooperation and have started a blog as well. And yes, a blog with exactly the same name as Young which concerns food. You might say that these large companies have done trademark searches in order to see whether the trademark was available. They could have seen the trademark of Young as he has registered its name. Well, whether or not this search have taken place, this has not stopped the launch of their weblog under this name.

Young has now sent support letters of his fans to Huffington post and has asked them to change the name. It remains to be seen whether Goliath will respond to this question.

Source: Glen Arbor Sun

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