Trademark Semi-Finals

messi-robbenIt’s been one hell of a World Cup. Yesterday’s match, Germany against Brazil, was unbelievable in more than 7 ways. But tonight, there is another semi-final: Netherlands-Argentina. A preview from an IP perspective.

Netherlands-Argentina is basically Messi against Robben. Messi being one of the greatest of all time, and Robben that should be the best player in the tournament.

Messi has registered his name as a trademark in the European Union. Amongst others for: ‘soaps, perfumery, cosmetics, hair lotions, jewellery, horological instruments, clothing, footwear, headgear and sporting articles’. Not a bad idea since his name is worth a lot of money. Merchandising money. His salary at FC Barcelona is quite high, but top athletes nowadays make more money outside of their sports. So does Messi.

So, how about his Dutch counterpart: Arjen Robben? His name has not yet been registered as a trademark. Although it should be: when he scores the decisive goal in the final, his name is going to be on everything! From the Dutch squad only Wesley Sneijder has registered his name as a trademark, for similar goods as Messi has.

From a trademark perspective it’s 1-1. We will see what will happen tonight. After yesterday’s match, apparently anything can happen.

Go Holland!

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