Hendriks & Co joins Knijff Trademark Attorneys

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It’s been more than two years since Peter Hendriks retired and his trademark agency Hendriks & Co. joined Knijff Trademark Attorneys.

Peter was right when he decided that Knijff would be the perfect match for his trademark agency, as these past few years have shown. Like Hendriks, Knijff is a quality-driven agency that focuses on personal advice. All of Hendriks’ clients enjoy the same excellent service from Knijff and the integration of Hendriks & Co. into the Knijff Group went without a hitch. Only one step remained to complete the picture: changing our name into Knijff Trademark Attorneys.

Since 1 October 2016, Hendriks & Co. has continued under the umbrella of Knijff Trademark Attorneys. Aside from a new corporate style, nothing has changed. You work with the same team, and we aim at providing you with the highest quality in support for your trademarks portfolio.

If you have any questions about the name change or about your trademark portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click on www.knijff.com to meet Knijff Trademark Attorneys or on the image of the attorney to contact them directly.

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