Trick or treat

We are approaching November 11, which is traditionally the day of St. Maarten, the Dutch Halloween – without the scary theme and candle lit pumpkins though – where children go door to door trick-or-treating.

In Holland the children normally do not wear costumes when they walk around the neighborhood in their search for sweets. And that may just be a good thing…

You 30-something year olds out there may remember the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a group of brightly colored superheroes from the 1990s. The owner of the intellectual property rights of the Power Rangers recently filed a law suit against a company that sells Power Rangers-costumes online. Copyright infringement, they say.

If they win, this can mean the end of Halloween as we know it. The girls will be dressed as (non-Disney) princesses and the boys will cut two holes in a table cloth and pretend to be ghosts (not Caspar the friendly ghost of course). Bo-ring!

Kids and free candy, a wonderful combination. But don’t mix them with IP



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