Trump Trademarks

Trump TrademarksYou love him or you hate him. The fact is that Republican Donald Trump will become the 45th US president.
Trump has also become a popular trademark whereas you can see a clear distinction between the lovers and haters. For example, recently the following Trump trademarks were filed in the US: We can Trump this; Trump Me In; Trumptastic; Pump for Trump and Trump Win Win. These brands are on the positive side.
On the other side, you also have the negative Trump trademarks such as No Trump Chump; Dumps for Trump; Do not Trump on me; Shut the Trump Up! and Dump Trump.

In America, the basic rule is that a surname is not accepted as a trademark. An exception is when the name has a meaning, which is the case with the name Trump. In the Benelux and the European Union, a surname is accepted as a trademark, unless the name is descriptive of course. If your surname is Bike (John Bike) and you produce bikes, you have a problem.
Thanks to Corina Post

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