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Unchristian Dior

An Indian designer has accused fashion house Christian Dior of plagiarism. Another David-versus-Goliath-tale in the fashion industry.

Designer Orijit Sen said he was “shocked” by a cover of the Indian “Elle”, and accused the chic French fashion label of copying his work.

The cover of the glossy features Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor, shown in a Dior dress. The design, however, is suspiciously similar to an earlier design by Sen, says Sen. Complete with the same yoga postures and the same colour combination. “I could not believe they had copied my art and used it for an international collection”, Sen told a journalist.

Sen then put the Indian magazine cover on his Facebook page, with his own very similar design next to it. The image was widely shared in India on social media and fashion blogs and led to a lot of discussion.

Dior has so far not responded to questions from journalists. Sen claims he is considering legal action. Dior has not yet responded to the allegations.


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