Unfoldable Origami

Who thought that Origami was a relaxing experience in a nursing home is wrong. It is art. Well, it must be said that the professional Origami make spectacular objects.

Important part in this traditional Chinese (!) folding art is the “crease pattern”, the pattern that explains the folds. Even these crease patterns seem to be sold as art because of their beauty.

These patterns are at stake in a recently filed court case in America against celebrated artist Sarah Morris. Morris has created colorful figurative paintings based on traditional Japanese patterns in her most recent work called Origami. A group of origami artists from different countries in the world now sued Sarah Morris for infringing on their copyrights. According to these origami artists Sarah Morris just “colored” their patterns. The work of Sarah Morris (right) would be a copy of the pattern left.

Undoubtedly, Sarah Morris will defend herself by questioning the copyrights of the origami artists. To support this statement, the defense will now certainly look for similar earlier patterns. Sarah Morris will probably also argue that her paintings have such a different overall impression that there is no ground for the allegation of copying.

Although the resemblance is striking, you have to look very closely to see that the above works are related. So we put our money on Sarah Morris. By the way, the above-mentioned pattern is the blueprint of a tarantula.

Source news: Guardian. Other origami art here.

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