Warning: IP drives away shoppers

Supposedly Apple has put together a special anti-counterfeit team to address Chinese manufacturers of fake Apple products. Not a bad thing for a company that plays a leading role in the computer, smart phone and tablet market.

Initially the company planned to go after retailers and street vendors and to work with police to raid manufacturing facilities, and to go after online retailers.

Chinese counterfeit Apple products have been a huge issue the last couple of years. MarkMatters.com reported earlier on the fake Chinese Apple Stores.

However, Apple’s efforts to attack counterfeits have slowed down. This is not because Apple’s counterfeit team is lacking, but becase Apple is being hindered by the Chinese government, who declined to investigate a facility in March 2009 that was manufacturing imitation Apple laptops. The reason was because it threatened local jobs.

A different arm of China’s government scrapped plans for a raid on an electronics mall in the Guangdong province because it could have driven away shoppers.

China is becoming more and more important as a economy every day. The government should take claims by trademark owners seriously and put more focus on IP, as it may push away companies from China.

Source: Wikleaks


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