We want our Want-button back

We want Facebook. That is certainly true as the amount of Facebook users is still rising. Do we also want Facebook stocks? Well no, in view of the recent stock development, Facebook is not a particular popular stock.

Now, Facebook wants also something: a Want-button. At least, they introduced this button in order to offer the users a manner to purchase products in the timeline (instead of only liking a product this product can directly be bought).

However, the company CVG-SAB wants this Want-button back. CVG-SAB is the developer of an e-commerce button for social media called Want. By clicking on the button beside an article you get an overview of your desired products, a sort of wish list.

Two Want-buttons create confusion among the public, according to CVG-SAB. This company has been inundated with questions about whether the two companies have any connection to one another. Sufficient reason to file a lawsuit based on trademark infringement. As MarkMatters.com sees, CVG-SA is the owner of several Want-trademarks in the US. This could have some unpleasant consequences for Facebook.

Source: Digitalmi

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