What does a trademark cost?

We often talk about the value of trademarks. How your trademark is a large portion of how much a company is worth financially. But let’s talk about the costs of coming up with a good logo in the first place.

A famous story is about the Nike swoosh, costing the sports brand just USD 35,- when co-founder Phil Knight commissioned graphic design student Carolyn Davidson back in 1971.

The world famous Coca-Cola logo was free, as it was designed by accountant Frank M. Robinson, who also invented the name.

Twitter paid only $2,- to $6, for their logo, that has just been restyled, by simply purchasing it from iStockphoto.com.

But it can be the other way around as well: Pepsi paid nearly a cool million for their latest rebranding. In contrast: the initial Coca-Cola branding totally free. It was designed by the founder’s bookkeeper Frank M. Robinson.

Accenture, the management consulting firm, was charged about $100.000.000,- for their rebranding. And BP – after their oil spil accident in the Gulf of Mexico – was forced to rebrand and put a new logo on all of their gas stations. Total costs: $211.000.000,-!

So you see, trademark are valuable assets. Very valuable assets. Literally.

Source: Huh Magazine


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