White house of the rising sun

The Obama presidential campaign filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a website known for selling election-themed items.

It is already the second attempt to stop the practices of the Washington-based Demstore.com.

It is claimed that Demstore.com is selling T-shirts, bumper stickers and buttons featuring two of Obama’s signature images: the well-known “O” logo, and the Obama “rising sun” logo, which features a blue “O” with red and white stripes at the bottom.

The campaign states it has been damaged, since it relies on the sale of its branded merchandise to help fund the President’s reelection campaign. But also, allegedly, Demstore.com is stealing something potentially even more important: contact information.

When people buy even relatively insignificant items through the campaign’s official site, the buyer is contacted, seeking further donations.

Trademark infringement? Or an attack on the leader of the free world? Or maybe just trademark infringement.

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