Why didn’t I think of that?

The greatest inventions of mankind are usually so simple, that everyone thinks: “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

The ingredients are simple: take a problem everyone has, and fix it.

Sometimes problems become part of the product. Take ketchup for instance. Nowadays we have the plastic bottles you can squeeze, that makes every drop of ketchup out, when you want it. But it seems like a giant leap back in time, when you are at a diner and there is an old, classic, glass Heinz® ketchup bottle.

Everyone recognizes the problem: you either don’t get ketchup on your fries, or you get all ketchup on your fries.

Finally, this problem is solved! An American university developed a special coating called “LiquiGlide” (a name that can be used for a lot of different products by the way). With the new coating the inside of the glass bottle just seems like, well…. glass. The ketchup just glides out.

Better be careful next time you are in a diner. You may have a LiquiGlide-bottle.


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